Sussex Junior Golf Development Tour

The Sussex Junior Golf Development Tour started in 2023 and its purpose is to get the less experienced kids onto the golf course in a friendly competitive environment. It is to give the kids the experience of playing different golf courses, meeting new friends and getting comfortable with playing golf on the golf course and not getting stuck on the range.

Who is it for?

All kids in Sussex who have not got a handicap yet and those with handicap indices above 28.0

If a child’s handicap improves during the year, they can continue to play the individual tour events until their handicap index is below 24.0

Entry Fees

Each event has an entry fee of £10. If an event includes food after the round then this cost will be higher.

If you plan on playing more than 1 event then there is an annual tour affiliation fee of £25. For this, you will receive a branded pitch repairer with a branded enamel ball marker, a branded poker chip ball marker, and an SJGDT Keyring/Bagtag.

If an event is oversubscribed, players will be entered according to the Priority Entry List.

Priority Entry List.


There are trophies to be won in up to 7 age categories: Under 16s, Under 13s, Under 11s, Under 9s, Under 7s, Girls under 16 and Girls under 9. Trophies are given to the top 3 in each age category with the overall winner receiving The Claret Jug and the Champions Hat.

At the end of the season, there are Order of Merit Trophies for each age group and the overall Tour Winner as well.


  • All courses are shortened and are no more than 2000 yards long for 9 holes.
  • All players play from the same shortened tees on each hole.
  • All players play 36 shots and then finish the hole that they are on.
  • Scorecards must be filled in and signed at the end of your game.
  • Players must stick with their group until all players have finished their game.
  • Every shot counts including air shots (except under 7s and girls under 9)
  • If your ball is in a bunker and you have 2 failed attempts at getting it out you can drop to the side of the bunker with no extra penalty. (All shots count)
  • In all other instances, the rules of golf apply.
  • Parents are allowed to caddy and give advice to their child.

2024 Schedule

Freddie Hopkins with his 2023      Order of Merit Trophies

Sunday 19th May – Chartham Park Golf Club

Chartham Park Entry Form

Sunday 26th May – Brighton & Hove Golf Club

Brighton & Hove Entry Form

Sunday 16th June – Dyke Golf Club

Dyke Entry Form

Saturday 22nd June – Singing Hills Golf Club

Singing Hills Entry Form

Sunday 7th July – Mannings Heath Golf Club

Mannings Heath Entry Form

Sunday 28th July – Tilgate Golf Club

Friday 9th August – Piltdown Golf Club

Saturday 31st August – Horsham Golf

Sunday 22nd September – Hillbarn Golf Club

Sunday 6th October – Cottesmore Hotel Golf & Country Club



Freddie Hopkins with the Chartham Park Claret Jug

2023 Schedule

Sunday 16th July 2023 – Tilgate Academy Open – Tilgate Golf Centre

Tilgate Results here

Sunday 30th July 2023 – Chartham Park Academy Open – Chartham Park Golf Club

Chartham Park Results here

Friday 18th August 2023 – Piltdown Academy Open – Piltdown Golf Club

Piltdown Results here

Saturday 2nd September – Horsham Golf Academy Open – Horsham Golf

Fast improver Amin Nasirri with the Horsham Golf Claret Jug

Horsham Results here

Saturday 16th September – Mannings Heath Academy Open – Mannings Heath Golf Club

Winners at the Mannings Heath Academy Open

Mannings Heath Results here

Rocky Shi winner of the Cottesmore Claret Jug and winner of the 2023 Under 9s Order of Merit

Saturday 30th September – The Dyke Academy Open – Dyke Golf Club

Dyke Results here

Sunday 8th October – Cottesmore Academy Open – Cottesmore Golf & Country Club

Cottesmore Results here

In 2023 we had over 100 children take part in our Tour Events representing 16 Sussex Golf Clubs. Each event has attracted new children and new clubs being represented. We expect this to grow further in 2024.